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Our company was started in Vilnius in 1997. From the beginning company team was focused on knowledge. Company employees regularly traveled to manufacturers trainings. Proactivity of Labochema was recognized by clients and company every year broadened are of competences and offer. In this way Labochema today can proudly present themselves as laboratory supplier which can meet demand in different type of laboratory equipment, chemical reagents, laboratory wares and laboratory consumables, laboratory furniture, and implementing individual laboratory installation projects.

Today – Labochema is reliable supplier for laboratory with broad range of represented products and solutions, but it’s not the final destination. Company strives to become active partners in research activities not only by supplying products, but also by providing know-how with research methods and most effective ways of conducting researches. Labochema develops more effective ways for clients to obtain needed material for research. In this context Labochema is determined to become reliable partner for laboratory in nearest future.


UAB Labochema LT board hereby approves the following quality policy:

  • To meet customers requirements and to aim to surpass their expectations in providing qualitative and state-of-the-art products, solutions and services;
  • To represent suppliers and manufacturers of the products in a proper manner;
  • To achieve the qualified and irreproachable performance of the employees by providing to the employees at all levels the conditions to learn and improve their skills; develop personal responsibility and consciousness of the employees and encourage them to strive for better results;
  • To follow and permanently improve the quality management system according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standards with focus on the performance;
  • To meet all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

The quality policy is available for all interested parties, it is known and understood by all employees and other persons who work for the company and on its behalf.

UAB Labochema LT board
Approved and valid from 1st June 2017

Labochema in numbers

Reagent supplies

Chemical reagents in Labochema offer

Equipment units sold

Total sum of equipment units sold by LABOCHEMA in the Baltic states in last 5 years

Sq. m furniture projects

Sq. m. of laboratory floor equipped with furniture by LABOCHEMA

Products delivered every day

Average number of product units LABOCHEMA delivers every business day in the Baltic states

Areas of main competences

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54 employees

3 countries

171 manufacturers represented

3 reasons to work with us


We are reliable

We have been in the market for more than 15 years. We are the leading laboratory supplier in the Baltic states with strong infrastructure and highly experienced staff.


Quality is our motto

We operate in compliance with ISO 9001 certification. It helps us determine our process and product quality standards and react accordingly to improve our ways to fulfill clients’ needs.


We have the expertise

Our staff is constantly developing their qualifications in manufacturer trainings. We have extensive knowledge of the products we supply.

We are Labochema

This is our dedicated team who work day in and day out to bring the best solutions to our clients. Their goal is to manage the projects within clients’ scope and budget and to deliver goods well in time.

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