Laboratory Furniture


Wide range of laboratory furniture

LABOCHEMA offers a wide variety of laboratory furniture to suit the needs of every lab. Fume hoods, laboratory tables, sink units, storage cupboards and other furniture can be purchased as standard units or individually modified according to the needs of the customer.  The furniture is made either of wood chip board or of metal sheets, depending on the client’s preference. Worktops and sinks can be chosen from a wide range of materials depending on the chemical resistance requirements. In addition LABOCHEMA offers furniture for science classrooms and offices.


Certified products – to ensure safety and durability

All LABOCHEMA furniture is tested in compliance with EU standards and certified according to European norms: EN 14175 for fume hoods, EN 13150 for laboratory tables, EN 14727 for storage units, and EN 14470 for safety cabinets. We carefully select materials to meet safety requirements of each customer.  Our services and manufacturing quality is ensured by ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Our competent laboratory installers are certified to install both furniture and lab equipment with all needed infrastructure.


We are service providers, not just manufacturers

LABOCHEMA offers more than furniture manufacturing and supply. We excel at designing laboratories and planning ergonomic, convenient layouts tailored to the needs of laboratory staff and individual safety standards. We can lend a helping hand for designers and engineers who are modeling layouts of ventilation, cooling water supply and other connections for labs. We also provide post-purchase servicing for our furniture. Preventative furniture systems’ maintenance carried out by our dedicated team is the key to a safe and convenient workplace.

Labochema Furniture Gallery

Supplying Furniture For The Technology Centre

A new Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Technologies Centre, 10,000 m2 in total size, was established. To equip it with fully functioning laboratories, LABOCHEMA manufactured and installed lab furniture in compliance with the EU requirements.

Desks and fume hoods have integrated access sockets so that the equipment is convenient to operate. Air flow monitoring systems were installed in the fume hoods in order to create a safe working environment.

LABOCHEMA manufactured and installed 82 fume hoods, 270 lab desks, 750 various cabinets and shelving units, 860 lab chairs and various other furniture. Both the scientists and the students are now provided with all possibilities to study and perform scientific research in a safe and convenient environment.

Furniture categories



We offer different workbenches for specific laboratories, from chemistry to cleanrooms. You can choose between standard or custom-built.

Service modules – Island benches – Balance benches – Sink units – Heavy duty benches – Clean room workbenches – Underbench cabinets



Cabinets for safe and convenient storage.

Chemical storage cabinets –   – Combined storage cabinets – Cabinets for glassware – Overbench cabinets – Wardrobes – Lockers – Shelves

Fume hoods

Fume hoods

Fume hoods in different sizes, for a variety of tasks. Classic or filtered fume hoods, you will find everything here.

Fume hoods – Ductless fume hoods – Special purpose fume hoods

Science classroom furniture

Science classroom furniture

A selection of furniture for the science classroom in school. Comfortable working spaces with different media. Fume hoods with panoramic view for students’ better observation.

Student desks –  Science tables – Fume hoods – Safety cabinets – Chairs

Office furniture

Office furniture

Every lab needs furniture for paperwork and computer stations. Usually, regular office furniture is chosen for these tasks.

Tables – Cabinets – Chairs



Chemical resistant chairs with various types of upholstery, for any lab seating needs.

High chairs for work at standing tables – Regular chairs for work at sitting tables – Special purpose chairs

Safety cabinets

Safety cabinets

Safety cabinets for different purposes

Safety cabinets for gas, explosive and flammable substances (EN 14470-1 & EN 14470-2)

Laminar flow cabinets

Laminar flow cabinets

Biosafety & Laminar flow cabinets

Laboratory Sollutions for

We provide a wide range of lab furniture, tailored to what your company specializes in, from classic lab furniture to furniture for clean rooms or specialty research. When installing new laboratories, we plan all laboratory spaces in close collaboration with the equipment suppliers. For your business needs.



There are two types of laboratories – the teaching ones, designed for students and their lab activities, and the scientific ones, designed for scientists to work in. When furnishing the teaching labs, we usually include to our offer central tables for students to sit around. Fume hoods and equipment tables are also installed there. Scientific laboratories are custom-built according to the needs of the scientists and the types of research to be carried out there.


We provide fume hoods, central and wall tables and other classic laboratory furniture. For the researchers in specialised centres (i.e. radiation research) we manufacture custom-built furniture solutions to accommodate that specific research.


For the healthcare sector we furnish working spaces to perform blood sugar, blood count, acid-base balance, drug and similar tests.


We provide individual comfortable student desks with installed communications, demonstration desks for the teachers and demonstration fume hoods for the students to observe scientific experiments. Additional equipment includes safe cabinets for reagents, desks and shelving units for smaller pieces of equipment.


From Idea to Implementation

Furnishing the laboratory is not as simple as it might appear at the first glance. There are a lot of aspects to consider. Perhaps most importantly, the staff must be assured that the laboratory was designed to ensure their safety, and the furniture with different engineering solutions is there to enhance their efforts. LABOCHEMA offers a turnkey solution to build you a fully operational laboratory. The standard process of laboratory installation is described below. It may take from 2 to 24 months depending on the difficulty of a project.



Plan research tasks

The very first step is to come up with a detailed plan of any types of research to be performed in the laboratory. This will provide deep insight into the laboratory project, help identify necessary working stations, and optimize ergonomics of the laboratory.



Prepare layout

The next step is careful and detailed planning. Creating the layout of laboratory furniture includes more than simply arranging where the desks will be placed. It must also combine any engineering systems integrated to them. Furniture supplier, engineering designer and the end-user must work together during this step.



Verify accordance with applicable law and regulation

Planning must meet international and national laws, safety norms and recommendations, e.g. EN 14056. Laboratory furniture must be of high quality, certified according to the EN norms and comply with low energy consumption regulations. Sufficient labor safety equipment, such as safety showers and fire distinguishers, must be supplied. Engineering connections must be planned in the correct locations for the appropriate furniture. The chosen materials and surfaces must be suitable for potentially hazardous laboratory environment.



Preparation of laboratory space

When the prepared plans satisfy the needs of the end-user, the construction or reconstruction of the laboratory may start. It is essential for the engineering suppliers to work strictly according to the confirmed design. The end-user and the furniture supplier should observe the quality of works during the construction in order to avoid future problems.



Furniture installation

The furniture should only be delivered and assembled when all the construction works are complete. If other works are still ongoing, it may raise the risk of damaging it. After all the furniture has been assembled and connected to the appropriate engineering points, it must be inspected. All systems must be checked against the confirmed project. Air extraction in the fume hoods must be strong enough for safe work; there must be no leaks in gas and water systems. Only when everything has been thoroughly inspected and confirmed to be safe for work, the personnel may start using the area.



Ensuring and maintaining safe working conditions

Even when everything has been installed and is working properly, furniture systems still require regular maintenance. It is necessary to check whether the fume hoods are still extracting the right volume of air, the safety cabinets are locking properly, all safety showers working, and lot of other issues. Only careful planning, high quality furniture and engineering equipment, and always keeping laboratory in good condition may guarantee safe and comfortable work for your employees and protect the environment.

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