Carreers at Labochema

Meet a few of our team members

and find out what it’s like to work here.




Product manager

For more than twelve years I have been a part of the LABOCHEMA team – ever since the graduation of the university from which I obtained a physics degree. I started by supplying simple laboratory equipment to the customers and now‐a‐days I manage projects for high‐end instruments such as super resolution confocal microscopes, x‐ ray photoelectron spectrometers, dual beam scanning electron microscopes




Sales manager

I received my BSc and MSc degrees in Chemical Technology and Engineering from the Faculty of Chemical Technology at Kaunas Technology University.

I’m deepening my knowledge in plant biotechnology and other spheres of chemistry here at LABOCHEMA.






I started working at LABOCHEMA straight after graduating from the Electronics Faculty at Vilnius Gediminas Technology University. My first project was with water parameters measuring equipment, environmental parameters monitoring. After gaining lots of valuable experience, I started specializing in gas-liquid chromatography. I’ve worked here for more than 10 years, and there’s no lack of challenges!


What to expect from working for us


Labochema is a strong player in Baltic countries. We are always trying to understand clients’ needs better and offer them exactly what they need. We participate in ambitious research infrastructure development projects. Market we operate in is dynamic with lots of activity.

Constant learning

We learn a lot. Almost every week company employees participate in seminars, webinars or other learning activities. Most of our employees have a master’s degree or a PhD in different areas of science. LABOCHEMA is the right place for personal growth for a person of science.

Great working conditions

We represent the best manufacturers, we work with the biggest clients, and we ensure exemplary working conditions. Our employees get a full benefits package.

International environment

We are an international company, operating in all three Baltic states. Our partners and manufacturers are from all around the world. In our offices you will hear English, German, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian languages.

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