TruPAGE™ Precast Gels: A New Solution To Protect Your Experiments from Unwanted Protein Modifications

truepage gells
TruPAGE™ Precast Gels: A New Solution To Protect Your Experiments from Unwanted Protein Modifications

Sigma Aldrich presented a new product in 2014: TruPAGE™ gels. They are designed to provide precise SDS-PAGE protein separation consistently with every consecutive experiment.

Gel electrophoresis is a method for separation and analysis of macromolecules, for instance, DNA, RNA and proteins and their fragments, based on their size and charge. DNA Gel electrophoresis is usually performed for analytical purposes, often after amplification of DNA via PCR, but may be used as a preparative technique prior to use of other methods such as mass spectrometry, RFLP, PCR, cloning, DNA sequencing, or Southern blotting for further characterization.

TruPAGE gels are uniquely formulated with TEA-Tricine to provide a running environment that helps prevent protein modification during the course of the experiment.

Benefits of the new TruPAGE Precast Gels:

·         Long Shelf Life – When properly stored TruPAGE gels will continue to provide sharp bands and excellent resolution for up to 2 years from the date of manufacture.

·         High Performance – Extended resolving gel region provides higher resolution than competitor products.

·         Robust – TruPAGE gels are stronger than standard polyacrylamide gels, which helps prevent tearing during post-processing and helps you obtain publication-quality results every time. Our plastic cassettes are easier to open and feature a simple plug-and-play design with no extra steps to remove gel combs or tape. The absense of a “gel foot” eliminates the need to trim the gel prior to blotting.

·         Superior Experimental Reproducibility – Our extensive quality control measures ensure unsurpassed lot to lot consistency, helping you achieve greater experimental reproducibility as well as time and cost savings.

·         Extra Tall Wells – TruPAGE gels eliminate sample spill over with well teeth that protrude above the back plate of the gel cassette; the wells are also accommodate larger sample loading volumes than those of other gel products.

·         Excellent Compatibility – TruPAGE gels are compatible with the popular gel running equipment from such manufacturers as Life Technologies™, Bio-Rad®, Lonza®, Hoefer® as well as others, allowing you to continue using the equipment you already own.

·         Fast – With run times as low as 30 minutes and our easy to open cassettes, TruPAGE gels will help you perform your experiments faster and reduce your laboratory bench time.

·         Great Value – TruPAGE gels and buffers offer a cost-saving alternative without sacrifice to performance and experimental integrity.

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